Your customers need you when they need you! From the millions of calls we answer, we know that your customers will want to connect at  2:00 am, and they’ll want it quick. With technology today and online applications, its an expectation that you are open 24/7, and if you’re not there in an instant to provide support, you can bet your competitors will be. That’s where SureCall comes in: give your customers the chance to connect through us and impress them with your always ready customer service and support.

With SureCall there is no reason customers, clients and suppliers can’t enjoy a prompt, courteous live answer 24 hours a day, seven days a  week, 365 days a year. So… go back to bed, hit the golf course or rediscover the meaning of Saturday. We’ll keep you open for business,  while you focus on growing it!

We love technology that makes life better and stress-free, a technology that doesn’t cost too much but gives tons in return. At SureCall,  we’ve got this leading-edge technology in spades, and we can get it working for you through design innovation that will make you smile… or better yet, make your customers smile.

 Check out just a few of the things our Intelligent Software Platform can do: 

  • Correct and consistent call handling.
  • The answers to all the questions your customers ask will instantly appear through built-in FAQs and Links.
  • Appointments can be set and reservations can be booked online
  • It enables agents to handle order taking efficiently with transaction recording, payment processing, and order confirmation
  • You can have programmable call forwarding, custom music and/or custom hold messages to promote your company and products
  • Email management, SMS and texting support programs are always handy in the days of handheld smart devices and apps galore!
  • And if you have an application for us that is a little more challenging, put us to the test, we will make it happen!



In the US  1-888-735-7166

In Canada 1-877-310-0088 


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