“Over the years we have worked with Surecall to include our Energy Assets in both Canada and the US. The notification process is very complex when you think of the diverse entity types located in different geographical areas throughout North America. Surecall has been able to implement and manage these emergency calls for us successfully.”
Terry Dick, ABCP, Emergency Management Specialist
“The emails, messaging, and emergency updates when applicable, have all been handled in an exemplary manner. It seems that things only get better over time as the agents get to know our staff and our business. We have always sought a seamless relationship and we have achieved that through the efforts of SureCall. I would not hesitate to recommend your firm. Keep up the good work!”
Roddie Davisdon, VP Sales and Western Region
“Everything was great, your team are such great people.

I was surprised how little questions we had to discuss. The program is just unreal – you have made a fool proof system with that design. Great job on compiling the shreds of information into a cut and dried system!”
Julie Rossington, Business Manager

“SureCall has been expertly handling the frontline customer service interactions for our diverse lines of business for over 5 years. As an organization with high standards of service we have been pleased with the performance of SureCall and their agents. The fact that our organization has business that varies from corporate governance to services in the automotive and retail industries presents a unique challenge and SureCall has proven to be capable at managing the complexities involved. Their agents are polite, courteous and professional and we feel our customers are well looked after. SureCall is a strong and effective partner of ours and we are happy to consider them as an extension of our team.”
Kenny St. Hilaire, Director of Warranty Operations