Our Team

Business Development Team

 The BDT is here to get the right answers and  solutions for you. Our goal is to ensure we help grow and expand your  business while keeping your customers very satisfied. Handling your  front end gives you time to focus on your core business. After all, we  do what we do best, and you do what you do best! We partner with you for  success. For a free consultation please email us at bdt@surecallcc.com, we are here to help!

Client Experience Team

 Whether it’s a small update to your account or a  major overall because you are growing so quickly, our client services  team is at your service! We want you to experience our excellent award  winning service, not only through our amazing agents in the call center,  but as a support to you and your customers. Our job is to make sure you  are taken care of quickly by removing the stress and resolving any  concerns you may have, we are here for you! Just email us at clientservices@surecallcc.com

Finance and Audit Team

We know that sometimes you need more information  than what is on your invoice, or you may just have some questions. We  completely understand. Whether you are customer or a vendor our finance  team will ensure that things are looked after and you feel confident in  your relationship with SureCall. Please don’t hesitate to contact our  team anytime at accounting@surecallcc.com


In the USA 1-888-735-7166

In Canada 1-877-310-0088 


Business Development & Sales
E-mail: bdt@surecallcc.com
Finance & Audit
E-mail: accounting@surecallcc.com
Client Services
E-mail: clientservices@surecallcc.com  


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