Desiree Bombenon

President and CEO

Desiree is a certified strategic leader and has over 25 years of industry expertise, a leader among leaders.


Kangaba Kamanga


Kay is an expert in analysis and helps us maintain our successful business model.


Debbie Iacovone

Talent Development

Debbie has been with our team for over 20 years and works in talent development, so you know our team is constantly improving under her guidance and mentorship.


Bryce Reid

Operations Manager

Bryce is a guru of process and keeps us efficient  – our award winning agent team is under his careful watch.


Joel Bombenon

Brand Champion

Joel has the fun and diverse role of keeping things exciting here at SureCall. His background in marketing and business development means he is working hard to keep us on top of market trends and innovations.


Janine Bombenon

Director of Client Services

Janine has over 10 Years of customer care and strives to ensure you are looked after, so it won’t surprise you that she is in charge of customer happiness!


With us, it’s a SureCall.