Desiree B

President and CEO
Desiree is a certified strategic leader and has over 25 years of industry expertise, a leader among leaders.

Kangaba K

Kay is an expert in analysis and helps us maintain our successful business model.

Michelle G

Director Client Happiness
Michelle is all about smiling, happy customers, she is committed to ensuring your partnership with SureCall is everything you expect it to be.

Christine H

Director of Business Development
With all the amazing design technology out there, Christine will find the best solution for your business strategy, get ready for a dynamic experience.

Jeff T

Culture Champion
Culture is everything to our tribe at SureCall, Jeff is dedicated to ensuring a positive and enriching workplace environment and that our team is super happy working for SureCall.

Vinay C

Director of Quality Assurance
Because quality is so important to our customers, we have a guru in the area of talent development and quality assurance taking care of this.

Marc B

Chairman and Founder
A visionary of the industry we are fortunate to have such a supportive advisor and mentor to our team!