Desiree B

President and CEO
Desiree is a certified strategic leader and has over 25 years of industry expertise, a leader among leaders.

Kangaba K

Kay is an expert in analysis and helps us maintain our successful business model.

Michelle G

Director – Major Accounts
Michelle is all about smiling, happy customers, she is committed to ensuring your partnership with SureCall is everything you expect it to be.

Christine H

Director of Client Experience
With all the amazing design technology out there, Christine will find the best solution for your business strategy, get ready for a dynamic experience.

Flo S

Culture Champion
Culture is everything to our tribe at SureCall, Flo is dedicated to ensuring a positive and enriching workplace environment and that our team is super happy working for SureCall.

Vinay C

Director of Quality Assurance
Because quality is so important to our customers, we have a guru in the area of talent development and quality assurance taking care of this.

Bryce R

Director of Operations
Bryce is always excited to show our customers how amazing our team can be! When it comes to top notch service results he gets the job done.

Michelle L

Director-Road Side Assistance 
Michelle understands that our clients depend on us for their most urgent needs. When is comes to superstars, Michelle really shines.