SureCall offers award-winning multilingual inbound and outbound customer support across multiple channels.  We can provide Tier one and Tier two technical and customer service support, inbound sales and order processing, and outbound Telesales and Telemarketing.  Our full Omni-Channel allows us to service your clients in voice, webchat, email support and social media monitoring. Your customers are your most valuable asset. SureCall's team is here to help ensure all they are taken care of, 24/7/365

Virtual Receptionist


With 24/7 coverage, our virtual reception can not only save you money but also guarantee a prompt response from a live agent answer every time. We have our contact center covering your phones anytime and anywhere, so international offices can get the same great service from the award-winning SureCall team every time. 

Reservation & Registration


Using a custom-designed program just for you, our team at SureCall will manage all your reservations and registrations just like we were one of your own team. If you already have a software application in house, we can tap into that as well,  either way, it’s a sure call. 

Warranty Help Desk


24/7/365 our agents can conveniently access product warranty information and answer customer questions at their convenience. We handle all the details, so you can relax. 

Customer Service Help desk


In this highly competitive and fast-paced world, your reputation for quality service means everything. But as hard as you work, it can still be tough to handle ‘round the clock incoming service needs. Your customers can’t wait so why not consider outsourcing to the experts? 

Order Entry


A successful company like yours needs a professional order entry processing team to capture all your business especially when you get busy. Peaks happen all the time, without a scalable solution who knows how many orders get missed. We’re here to help. 

Food Services Delivery Processing


Your core business is creating a great culinary experience for your customers, our core business is creating a great front-end experience for your customers when ordering your products. 



Surveys are an important part of business, having the right team to perform the survey is just as important. SureCall will handle your call out program with professional and talented individuals so that you get the response you want. 

After Hours Service Escalations


Your business doesn’t stop at 5:00 pm but your staff can’t be there 24 hours a day. That’s why so many customers rely on us to take their after hour calls and manage their on call escalation processes. You don’t miss any business and your team gets a good night sleep. 

Real Estate Services


 With real estate, one missed call can be a huge lost opportunity. Don’t take the chance, with SureCall we will get you the information you need to get that next big deal underway. 

Online Processing


 Your customers are smart, web-savvy and connected and you need smart solutions to keep them coming back.  Secure their online business with solutions that make online purchasing a  smooth and easy experience. SureCall can help you revolutionize your online experience with sophisticated capabilities like “Click to Chat”  or “Click to Call” buttons on your website so that your client’s questions are answered by real people in real-time. The service they expect from your brand offline is now available online, with a little help from SureCall. 

Email Response Services


So many emails so little time. We know you want to respond to everyone but you just can’t manage it, unfortunately your customers don’t want to wait for a response. SureCall’s email response service will get back to your customer in a timely fashion so they know how important there business is to you! 

Data Entry & Processing


Data entry and processing can be a mundane task. Your team could spend the time much more productively, why not put them to work in other areas to grow your business and leave the other work to us. 


In the USA 1-888-735-7166

In Canada 1-877-310-0088 


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