Corporate Social Responsibility

SureCall Contact Centers is excited to introduce the Good Call™ program to the community and our valuable clients. Our mission statement says it all:

‘To delight our customers, to give back to the community and to take care of each other.’

Doing Good with Every Call

Our Good Call™ program launched in 2016 continues to evolve as we find even more ways to give back to our global community. What started out as a local endeavor to assist organizations who were non-profit or registered charities by giving back a percentage of revenues as a donation each year has spun into something much more purposeful. Today SureCall is teaming up with Hero Girls™ on an endeavor to educate girls in underserved and developing communities around the world. Every call our team takes here at SureCall is contributing to this important cause, and so we believe we are truly ‘Doing Good with Every Call’.

For more information on our corporate social responsibility program, Good Call™ or Hero Girls™ please contact us at