Why We’re Better



We know it sounds bold, but we believe we are the best.

Tooting our own horn isn’t something we do very often, but we really do have a whole ‘Brass Section’ worth of industry excellence awards and references. Our success has come from an over 30-year commitment to going above and beyond the expectations of our clients and their customers.

Clients with ear-to-ear grins aside, we’ve got plenty more reasons why we surpass the call center competition with ease:

Always open. Always a live person. Never a missed sale.

When your customers want to place an order, have questions or need help, it won’t always happen during the traditional nine-to-five. From the thousands of calls we answer, we know that your customers will want something at 2:00am, and they’ll want it quick. People are now shopping online 24/7, and if you’re not there in an instant to provide support, you can bet your competitors will be. That’s where SureCall comes in: give your customers the chance to call us and that sale is as good as made.

With SureCall there’s no reason customers, clients and suppliers can’t enjoy a prompt, courteous live answer 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. So go back to bed, hit the golf course or rediscover the meaning of Saturday. We’ll keep you open for business, while you focus on having a blast growing it.

Technology that improves your life and business.

We love technology that makes life better and stress free, technology that doesn’t cost too much, but gives tons. At SureCall, we’ve got this leading-edge technology in spades, and we can get it working for you in a matter of days.

Check out just a few of the things our Intelligent Software can do:

  • Correct and consistent call handling without mistakes
  • The answers to all the questions your customers ask will instantly appear
  • Appointments can be set and reservations can be booked online
  • It enables agents to handle order taking flawlessly with transaction recording, payment processing and order confirmation
  • You can have programmable call forwarding, custom music and/or custom hold messages
  • It sends your faxes to your email – eliminating the need for a paper fax machine. You’ll be able to receive faxes anywhere, at anytime right on your Blackberry or Smartphone without the long distance!

Giving profits back to not-for-profits.

Let us service your not-for-profit organization, and we’ll do you a service in return. We contribute back, in cash, 10% of the cost of your outsourced services through us by way of a donation to your organization. Since you know where the money is needed most, we do not specify or direct the donation within your organization. We think the support you provide to communities and the less fortunate is pivotal to bettering society, and we want to show you just how much we appreciate it.

Want to see what else we can do? Check out our services that are always sure to impress.

With us, it’s a SureCall.