Word From Desireé – March 2019

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In my role as CEO & Chief Innovation Officer, AKA Chief Disruption Officer, I try to keep apprised of what’s next – not only in our industry, also in our world. I had the absolute ‘mind blowing’ pleasure of attending Singularity University Canada for 5 days with leaders from all over the country, a few weeks ago.

What I can tell you from my experience is that we are living in the most amazing and transformational times,and all of us will see things over the next 3 to 10 years that will change the world forever. Ideas like how we eat and how we work will completely change for many reasons, but mostly two main ones. We will want a healthier and better lifestyle, we will want to take care of our planet and ensure a sustainable world for our future generations. If any of you are interested in more details I encourage you to look at the Singularity Hub at https://singularityhub.com/#sm.000uoi7wv133mdnmq6j1lwt46svny for some of the coolest and latest things coming through innovative technologies and disruptive influencers. 

Exponentials: This is the idea of accelerating change. We have all heard about it but are you ready for it? We are in a rapidly evolving world. An example of this is ‘Moore’s Law’ where Gordon Moore observed that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles about every two years. This doubling effect exponentially increases the S-Curve of how quickly this technology would evolve. We saw a computer go from filling a room,to fitting in the palm of our hands via our cell phones, in less than 30 years. This will happen with almost every technology and tool we have, except faster!

Robots and AI: This will impact the ‘future of work’ in a very interesting way. Robots and drones have already started to take over mundane and redundant tasks in manufacturing facilities and farms. The advancement of Artificial Intelligence both within Robotics and Computers will soon be able take on more of the critical thinking roles in society. Although somewhat ‘creepy’ I witnessed what is called a Synth or Synthetic Human, designed utilizing 3D printing, improved sensors, actuators and AI to become more and more indistinguishable from human intelligence. The question we ask is “what will humans do” the answer, learn to enjoy your life!

Future of Food: According to current trends we will need to feed an additional three billion global citizens by the year 2050. We are finding ways through exponential technologies, AI, blockchain, robotics and synthetic biology to transform how we meet this challenge head on, but also how we do so responsibly, adhering to the environmental concerns of today. Think fake meat produced using only plant-based ingredients, learn more at https://www.beyondmeat.com/ . This is one necessary step to protecting the environment from the huge amounts of methane polluting our world caused by cattle who are over-bred to sell conventional meat. 

HealthCare and Education: Can you imagine a world where you pull out your tricorder and scan your child and you find they have a virus, then you simply put in the prescription utilizing the same tricorder and a drone delivers the medicine to your door. This is possible today, and the tricorder actually exists, take a look https://www.engadget.com/2017/04/25/xprize-winner-better-than-star-trek/ . IMB’s Watson (AI) is over 90% accurate with its medical assessments, where expert doctors are only 60% accurate. And what about education? Our kids need to learn things in school that will prepare them for our new world. That won’t be math and social studies, it will adaptation skills, relationship skills, ability to solve problems and critical thinking skills. Most education will be done on line or through home teaching robots. I think kids today are going to have the biggest transformative experience of anyone. And most of them will live way beyond 100 years old. 

These are just a few of the interesting learnings I had about the future, and my mind is still reeling with what all this means for ‘the future of us’! 

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