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How do you work at something for 26 years and continue to do it well, in fact, better than you did the previous year? Ask our agents! For the 26th year SureCall has won the CAMX Award of Excellence for outstanding service!! This is no easy feat, it is being monitored for excellent service, 6 months of each year for the past 26 years and giving the absolute best service. All this without having any idea that you are speaking to a CAMX mystery caller. This year our team did even better than last year on the overall scoring, and I am deeply grateful for the ongoing dedication to excellence that our agents have.

What are the traits of consistent performance excellence? Shared insight from several performance leaders and coaches will tell you they are the following:

Proven best-practice content – What you are training on, and who does the training and coaching in your organization is of paramount importance. At SureCall Talent Development is taken seriously. I have seen other organizations look at developing their people as a necessary evil, and a costly one at that. This really riles me up because this is the most important part of onboarding your team. Once they know the culture and are orientated in what the company does, you need to ensure they are trained for success. Your content and training programs should be world class, and no short cuts taken when developing your team! And the training should be leader led, meaning your best people are doing the training.

Practice, practice, practice – Now that your team is trained, what happens if they don’t get to use those skills often? In order for it to become a habit of excellence, they need to be practicing those skills on a regular basis. Develop tools that allow your team to perform for ongoing improvement. Whether that is through continuous improvement techniques, or training programs designed to test your team ongoing, this will benefit your people and your customers.

Aligned and targeted coaching – Once your team is up and running and they have been working in their roles they will continue to need your support to grow and improve. If they are doing a great job in certain aspects of their role, ensure you ‘tell them’ and encourage them to continue those efforts. If they seemed to have slipped in an area or skill, then coach them specifically on that piece. Don’t make it a generic coaching session and don’t include everyone. Make it a targeted coaching effort for them, so they are clear on exactly where the improvement is required, then monitor them, and continue to assist them to achieve success. Ask them for feedback on the coaching they received so your Talent Development team can also improve how they coach the team.

I am here to convey that 26 years of continuous awards for the SureCall team is no accident. In fact, it is an ongoing process designed to produce great work. Ultimately the care and concern for our team and our customers, affords us to take the time, and consciously work towards excellence every day! This is an Investment organization must make in their people.

Thank you SureCall Team; and congratulations on winning both the Award of Excellence and the Award of Distinction for 2018!

Warm regards,

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