Alberta Company Launches Global Leadership Program for Adolescent Girls

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2018-10-11– Calgary, AB

SureCall, a purpose driven organization, launched a Corporate Social Responsibility program in 2016 called GoodCall™ to find ways to give back to their local community. Through the tenacity of their team and customers, their reach has grown to include the global developing world.

“GoodCall™ was launched as a local endeavor to donate a portion of the company’s revenues each year to non-profits and registered charities,” states Desirée Bombenon, CEO and Chief Innovation Officer. “Today, on International Day of the Girl, we are proud to announce that we have entered into a partnership with ‘Her International’ to bring Hero Girls™ to the developing world. Hero Girls™ is a self- development and leadership training program that will educate girls in underserved and developing countries around the world. Every call or transaction our team handles will contribute to this cause helping transcend SureCall to a force for doing good.”

Hero Girls™ was designed by Ms. Bombenon through the Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative, where she attended as a Fellow in 2017, and worked with her cohort on critical humanitarian issues. Facilitated by ‘Her International’, a Canadian Registered Charity that was founded in 2005. The year-long Hero Girls™ program covers topics like entrepreneurship, financial literacy, self-confidence, mental health, and mindfulness, while featuring an ‘Innovation Project’ where participants can implement ideas around entrepreneurship and social change in their communities. The comprehensive program is the first of its kind to see participants giving something back to the organization, as each graduate goes on to mentor other girls in the community by attending the subsequent course delivery as a teacher trainer. The entrepreneurial program will be supported by micro credit loans and successful start ups will endeavor to also pay it forward by contributing a small percentage of revenue back into the program.

The Hero Girls™ hub will become a worldwide network of girls who are reaching for their dreams and getting the necessary education to turn ‘dreamers into leaders’ through self-confidence and self-reliance. In its first three years the program endeavours to advance over 500 girls with scholarships and impact over 5500 individuals in their community.

The Hero Girls™ pilot program launches in January 2019 in the region of Dang, Nepal.

Surecall is an award-winning BPO utilized by SMEs and Fortune 500 companies, with global headquarters in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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