A word from Desiree July 2018

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Okay, I know for a fact that nobody out there can now justify Donald Trump’s role as the leader of America, or for that matter, any other leadership role on our planet. A few weeks ago, our SureCall Leadership team had the awesome experience of spending a few days together working on our strategic plan for the upcoming fiscal year and also re-evaluating our vision, North Star, and core value statements. These foundational pieces of the SureCall culture help to keep us grounded and moving forward with the purposeful intentions of a good company doing good things. I am wondering if the POTUS has taken the time to do the same thing, and how his values could possibly align with the values of the people of the United States.

On our retreat, our team also looked at what it takes to be an authentic leader. Traits like honesty, integrity, keeping your promises, transparency, and being humble, are all characteristics of a good leader. I am not sure that Mr. Trump could be likened to any of these meaningful qualities, and I am not certain he cares. We are all tired of watching the glaring embarrassment this man is making, not only of himself, but of the country that for so many years was one that many held in high esteem. This is a wakeup call for organizations all over the world, to take note of what can happen when you put the wrong people in charge.  I am grateful for the amazing team we have at SureCall, the beliefs that run strong throughout our organization takes into account that every individual is a contributor, and an important part of our success.

I truly feel for the hard working people of America. These people put their trust and faith into a leader that has solely positioned himself for personal gain, and weakened their country as a whole. A good leader will listen to their constituents, and work towards a shared vision and purpose for everyone.

Our vision at SureCall is; “To be a global provider of innovative custom solutions; to deliver an exceptional experience to our customers, both internal and external.”  And our North Star continues to drive us to our purpose of “Doing Good with Every Call”, because we certainly do!

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