Managing Exponential Growth – From an Operations Perspective!

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In nearly every industry there is good growth and there is bad growth, often we mistake one for the other. The general success of growth is measured, on a high level, by a company’s ability to accurately forecast their costs of implementation, balance the new flow of revenue, and retain a target margin. From an operations perspective, exponential growth is not green or red. In many operations-oriented roles, it can often be difficult to step out of the “day to day” to recognize and take advantage of the operational opportunities that growth brings. When you apply that on an exponential scale there is equal chances of failure as there are opportunity. Change can be a daunting term in many organizations, especially those that are front line heavy when it comes to employees. There is a lot of risk in driving change through a business, and growth is no exception. Here is a list of my strategy to take advantage of the opportunities that growth brings to our organization.

1) Identify your existing pain points – When planning for operational growth whether exponential or otherwise, take the time to assess what you are already doing well, and what areas you want to do better at. It is very easy to limit your focus forward when you are managing growth. If you don’t stop to see where you can do better now, you will carry your issues forward on a larger scale.

2) Improve your processes – Growth and change are not mutually exclusive, where there is one there is always the other. From an implementation perspective, it is much easier to drive change through your business during a period of growth. If you have identified your pain points, tear them apart and picture your best-case scenario, then work backwards to create better processes and programs that enable your team to improve performance.

3) Find Exceptional People – Understanding the attributes that makes individuals successful in your business is key to growing. Targeting candidates who can succeed in your business, assess your organizations fit for them as much as you are assessing them, and are eager to grow and learn, can make or break the goals of growth. This is an opportunity to retain talent and excel in quality which has a positive impact on the margins you are working towards.

4) Drive the Culture – Corporate Culture is one of the single most important aspects of successfully growing your business or managing change. The ability to engage your team in their own performance, to understand value of each customer, to push themselves on the quality of service, and to adapt to

change and positively embrace growth, these are all a direct result of engaging corporate culture. As the driver of corporate culture, you need to always be presenting the level of engagement and attitude that you want your team to follow by example. If you are positive about growth and change, your team will embrace it.

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