BPO Outsourcing To Canada

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When it comes to the question of whether or not your organization should outsource its services, you may be inclined to debate between outsourcing in North America or sending your operations overseas.

In recent years, there has been a shift towards using outsourcing companies that are based in Canada. There are many reasons behind this; the biggest being a customer backlash as well as cost savings. The following are some other benefits of outsourcing call center services to Canadian companies.

Close Proximity to the US

Taps into a Talent Base Familiar with your local markets and customs

Outsourcing your call center and other operations to a company in Canada allows you to tap into workers who are familiar with your markets, something that an off-shore call center might not have. This, in turn, will drive innovation at your business. Organizations within Canada often have compatible business goals since they are focused on capturing the same customers. Many companies consider the call center they outsource their operations to as a partner.

Allows Your Business to Operate More Efficiently

If you outsource your operations to a call center in Canada, it will allow you to operate your business in a much more efficient manner. Besides the logistics, it also means that both you and your customers will be able to reach agents and management more easily since there’s less of a time difference than outsourcing overseas.
Outsourcing the basics like providing information about products and services, billing, and orders allows your staff to focus on the day-to-day operation of your business.

Canadian Call Centers Quality Component

The disconnect between the service expectations of North American customers and the reality of most low cost, offshore solutions can lead to negative customer service evaluation scores and the degradation of lifetime customer loyalty. That reality has influenced the return to nearshore solutions for companies where the customer experience is a core differentiator in their competitive space.

Canadians are consistently at the top of OECD countries for college education. More than 55% of Canadians who are age 25 to 34 have a college education. Canadian call centers on the whole enjoy lower attrition rates than those in India or the Philippines too, and the cultural gap… Well, what cultural gap? You can count on a Canadian call center agent to be able to fill any potential dead air with chat about the playoffs or the demise of American Idol without any cultural training whatsoever.