Technology and How It Is Shaping Our Past, Present, and Future Progress

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Technology – I had an amazing experience in April on technology that I wanted to share with all of you.

I went to a technology event called Atomic Day which focused on new technology that is coming to us via facilities like the Singularity University and thought leaders like Elon Musk and how they are turning the world upside down with creative innovation that blows the mind.

The Google Car, technology, the Tesla, wind and solar energies, 3D printers, and drones all becoming part of everyday life, and the decline of conventional methods of doing almost everything that we do today. We are in an innovation revolution that in time, will change everything we do, and the way we do it. I start to wonder what will happen to all the car dealerships when everyone starts to order their customized vehicle direct online, and you can test it via a virtual reality headset and therefore don’t need to go visit a dealership. Or what will happen to Uber Drivers, when the Uber cars are all self drive vehicles and we no longer need a person to pick us up, the car will do it all on its own, much safer and they will always arrive on time!

What will happen to manufacturing plants when everything we need can be printed on a 3D printer. Or all the courier vans and drivers when most things will be dropped off to you by a drone. We are truly in a time of unparalleled change and we can rest assured that the door has been fully opened to create almost anything in a world with no boundaries.

The rapidity with which this is going to happen is very hard to believe, you and I will witness this in our lifetime! What I mean by that is the idea of exponential growth applied to technology. If we continue on the path we are on, everything will continue to grow at a 10x exponential technology curve and then exponentially increase by that same factor creating a curve that is almost straight up. This can be applied to our world on several fronts, look at population, look at cancer research, look at climate change. We are in a world that we cannot keep up with and with that comes so much responsibility and opportunity, to create, design and do things differently.

I was privileged to hear Salim Ismail, the former founding Director of Singularity University, speak at Atomic Day, and the one thing he said that really put it into perspective was, “I have a four year old son, he will never get a driver’s license or need to learn to drive.” Welcome to the new world, and embrace it!