Support & Solutions in a Time of Need

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Fort McMurray. We are beginning a new fiscal year here at SureCall and it has been a pretty exciting time as we gear up with new strategies and a focus on expansion and sustainability, all at the same time.

How do we do that? First we have to ensure we have a solid game plan that encompasses all our ‘core values‘ and the cultural aspects of our team that makes SureCall who we are. Our core values really represent the essence of so many things we do at SureCall, including the way we treat our customers and the way we treat each other. Quality, commitment to innovation, integrity, honesty and transparency are in the very fabric of every decision we make here at SureCall. This is something we hope resonates with all our great employees across the Nation. It is with this ethos that we turn our attention towards the ways in which we can help support those affected by the Fort McMurray fires.

“…our thoughts stay with those affected by the Fort McMurray fires…”

As we see the struggles of today, with all the concerns of the economy, and the impact the oil and gas industry is having on nearly every other business industry, we are cognoscente of how fortunate we are to be able to look to other markets. SureCall has a very unique value proposition that allows us to diversify and be fluid with today’s environment. We also feel for all those who are affected, whether personally or with their businesses, by the Fort McMurray fires. Our thoughts stay with them, as they continue to work to rebuild their lives, with perseverance and dignity. Fort McMurray is rebuilding with resilience.

“…at SureCall, we have stepped up to offer assistance by being part of the solution.”

We all can imagine how difficult these circumstances are to deal with. Here at SureCall, we have stepped up to offer assistance by being part of the solution to support Fort McMurray. There are many great resources out there for those who are affected by these situations. In fact, this week we will be joining a team of resources to put together an emergency response center for Fort McMurray businesses, so they can register for government assistance, and help start the process back to recovery. Canadians are a very resilient bunch, and we have no doubt that this part of our great country will heal.

The coolest thing I saw at my grocery store last week were t-shirts they were selling to aid the efforts. The shirts read “Fort Mac will fight back!” and I am certain they will.