Leadership on Young and Youth Leaders

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Leadership – I recently gave a talk to a group of keen young leaders who are striving to accomplish more in both their business careers and personal lives, and it was interesting to look around the room and see those who were truly interested and those who were not.

The engagement scale was through the roof on leadership for those who wanted to make a difference and work towards finding greatness, the energy they displayed and eagerness was very apparent. On the other hand, it was easy to see those who felt they didn’t need to commit any more than the bare minimum and that mediocrity was acceptable as a standard.

We all have different drivers in our lives, things that inspire us to go beyond even our own expectations. But how do you capture that leadership, bottle it, and sell it to someone else? Its not easy, and if it were, everyone would be a great inspirational leader and every person would benefit from unlimited mentorship and opportunities for improvement. In order to capture someone’s attention we have to be doing something that is of core interest to that individual. Create a place that is mutually beneficial and have a sense of understanding about where each person is coming from. That shared responsibility can be impactful and serve as a basis to create a common purpose among teams.

This is the foundation of ‘social capital‘ a term being used to describe the asset value of collaboration, bonding and team work done in any environment. One of the main ingredients to creating ‘social capital’ is a respectful environment where each member is helpful to others, because they want to be. Where blame has no value, and the energy that would normally be used to ‘point fingers’ is replaced with an effort to build trust and be open about the issues that need to be addressed. The greater good of the community or workplace then benefits as a result. This effort to support and generate success through assisting others allows everyone to reach their full potential.

We are currently experiencing an economic environment where business cannot afford to be laissez-faire in its understanding of how to capitalize on creating opportunities. We have to be bold and dare to disrupt. In understanding the human side of the business you can unleash great potential within your team and together design a path that clearly makes its way through the storms ahead. Like every storm this one will pass, but you will have built a platform of strength that will help take you through future ones. That’s leadership.