Are You a Disruptive Leader?

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Are you a disruptive leader? As a leader, do you enjoy having butterflies in your stomach, and a certain excitement for tackling the unknown?

If so you are probably one leader among few leaders who may go beyond expectations when it comes to where you can take your company.

Disruption doesn’t equal destruction! As a leader, what it means is not putting up with the status quo. Being honest when you look at any situation as a leader and being transparent with your team so they know the truth about what is going on and how they can be part of the solution. Letting your staff know where they stand is important but more important is giving them ownership of fixing it. I have worked with teams and developing culture within those teams for over 25 years. Creating a culture where disruption is used as a positive force that takes your team to the next level, beyond where they ever thought they could get, is healthy and exciting for your team. Depending on your start point it can take three to five years to evolve a culture from the ‘norm’ to something extraordinary.

How do you know when you get there as a leader? You will know, you will sense the sub culture of the group turn from an inward looking closed atmosphere to an open, unfiltered, trustful environment. There won’t be that underlying current of negativity that you feel when people aren’t being upfront, and your team won’t be afraid to call each other out on important issues because they understand that the ‘big picture’ trumps the false safety net created by individuals who are trying to manage a behind the scenes agenda that doesn’t inspire your team to move into greatness.

As a leader, Start by creating open minded honest feedback sessions in meetings that allow your team to say how they feel without any kind of backlash. Then talk about the things your leadership team should break out of, the stop doing lists, and what do we need to change to make it happen. Companies used to a tight structure and a hierarchy will find it tough to break the rules, disrupt the regular routines, and make it happen, however if you have a strong team it can and will happen. Remember if you want to experience something different you can’t continue to do the same things. Change, evolve, do something nobody is expecting, and disrupt yourself into an exciting and successful 2016!