A Day in the Life of a Contact Centre Agent

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We, the agents of a contact center, are a driven and hard working bunch. We are your first point of contact, your first impressions, and the backbone to your first line of service. We dedicate our time and our efforts to ensuring that you and your customers are supported and delighted with every call.

As an agent with Surecall, we handle a wide variety of situations and calls every day. The great thing about being an agent is that no day is the same, no contact is without its own pleasures, and variations in activities keep us engaged and captivated with the work we do. With such a wide variety of clients that can provide an assortment of scenarios and experiences, it is a very rewarding and exhilarating environment. We are trained and eager to deal with an assortment of tasks that utilize our many skills and can range from message taking to emergency response. Alongside the intriguing situations we field on a daily basis, the people we have the opportunity to speak with add a fantastic dynamic to our days.

Being award winning agents, we pride ourselves on providing all of our callers with the utmost customer service imaginable. We believe in showing politeness and courtesy while maintaining a high level of professionalism. Our clients rely on our ability to excel and dazzle knowing that we are their front line of support. It is our pleasure to ensure we are providing our client’s callers with the best customer service imaginable. We strive to leave our caller’s satisfied and confident in the experience they have been provided.

For a workplace to be a great environment to work in, it takes a lot more than interesting scenarios and enjoyable conversations. The environment in which we work is meant to be positive, enticing and inviting. We are encouraged to be outspoken with suggestions and feedback for all aspects of our centre. From programming of accounts to operational procedures, contributions as agents are admired and can be relied upon to help our client improve the interactions their customers’ experience.

We are proud, hard-working and inspired and we like it that way. We will not be undersold or outdone. We come to work with a smile and leave confident that the work we have done has made an impact. Regardless of the caller, the company, or the encounter, we take pleasure in offering hearts and souls and find rewards in the people we speak with and work with. There is nothing quite like the life of a contact center agent and we invite the challenges that the next day may bring with zest and charm.

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