Marc Bombenon

Chairman & Business Advisor

Marc Bombenon is the Chairman & Business Advisor of SureCall, based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. SureCall is a contact centre that provides help desk, sales support, and customer service support, along with many other services to corporations and business professionals.

Outside of SureCall Mr. Bombenon is involved in many activities beyond business. His love for Calgary has driven him to assist a number of “made in Alberta” charity organizations assisting Albertans in need. Marc is a strong supporter of the Alberta Cancer Foundation, the Calgary Food Bank and the Calgary Urban Projects Society. He also supports the Calgary Stampeders football team and the Roughnecks lacrosse team; he had once donated the SureCall facilities in a community organizing effort to keep the football club in Calgary.
Marc Bombenon’s goal with SureCall has been to help companies get their expenses under control and thereby increase their profitability. To help achieve this SureCall operates 24/7/365 supplying a complete set of communications services. Under the leadership of Marc Bombenon, SureCall offers this award winning services to the clients’ and their customers.

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